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pAAV-CAG-tdTomato (codon diversified) in Mouse (AAV Retrograde)

Addgene #59462-AAVrg

Data Submitted By
Jose Carmena and Nuria Vendrell Llopis
Submission Date
July 16, 2019
Publication Date
July 16, 2019 (modified May 16, 2023)
Not Provided
Caption: Motor cortex 600u depth, red channel, 2p microscope, 20X objective
Caption: Cortex 500u depth. Red channel, 2photon microscope, 20X objective, zoom=2,

Any further use of this image requires permission from the lab who submitted the data. This scientist responded to a specific request for user data and was offered compensation for time and input.

Vector Used
pAAV-CAG-tdTomato (codon diversified)

Virus & Injection


Virus Name
pAAV-CAG-tdTomato (codon diversified)
AAV Retrograde
Catalog Number
Cargo Type
Injection Titer / Dose
1.20E+13 GC/ml
Injection Volume
450 nl
Injection Rate
50 μl/min
Injector Material
Not Provided
Injection Site / Route
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF): Intracerebroventricular (ICV); Hindbrain: Pons,NeuroNames ID: 547
Additional Details
I injected in the pons (AP: -4.26, ML: 0.6, DV: 4.6.) and looked for expression in the motor cortex.
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Other Details

Strain or Cell Line
Jackson Labs
Stock Number
JAX: 024742
Age at Injection
Time After Injection
3 weeks
Detection Method
Direct fluorescence
Assay & Results
PT neurons in the motor cortex. I injected in the pons and looked for expression in the motor cortex. Not all the animals had somas in the field of view, but I could see axons in most of them.
Target Cell Transduction
PT neurons in the motor cortex.
Tips & Comments
It requires multiple animals to end up with an animal with sufficient expression. 60% of success rate that could improve with multiple injections instead of only one.