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Empowering scientists to excel through open collaboration and knowledge sharing

Addgene believes sharing data empowers users and accelerates research and discovery.

Our Data Hub is an actively curated space that allows users to upload and access reports on how Addgene materials perform under various experimental conditions. Submissions are reviewed by our team of expert scientists to make sure they are reliable and transparent. We make it easy to share so that others can learn from your work and you can quickly find the data you need. As a contributor, you'll support open science and reproducibility, get recognition for your work, and help other scientists with their experiments! Interested? Here's how to contribute.

Valuable Information

The Data Hub contains curated technical reports from the research community demonstrating product performance under various experimental conditions. This allows you to better understand the tools you are making and using.

Rewarding Experience

When you contribute your data, you support open science and reproducibility, receive recognition for your work, and help other scientists move knowledge in their field forward. And you just might score some of our awesome Addgene swag!

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Contribute Data

Addgene distributes ready-to-use AAV and antibody preps for your research.