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pAAV-CAG-tdTomato (codon diversified) in Mouse (AAV Retrograde)

Addgene #59462-AAVrg

Data Submitted By
Jeff Conn and Max Joffe
Submission Date
June 20, 2019
Publication Date
June 20, 2019 (modified May 16, 2023)
Not Provided
Caption: Tdtomato flourescence observed in a 300 um coronal brain slice on an upright Olympus BX53-series microscope.

Any further use of this image requires permission from the lab who submitted the data. This scientist responded to a specific request for user data and was offered compensation for time and input.

Vector Used
pAAV-CAG-tdTomato (codon diversified)

Virus & Injection


Virus Name
pAAV-CAG-tdTomato (codon diversified)
AAV Retrograde
Catalog Number
Cargo Type
Injection Titer / Dose
1.00E+13 GC/mL
Injection Volume
200 nL
Injection Rate
100 nL/min
Injector Material
Not Provided
Injection Site / Route
Basolateral nucleus of the amygdala, NeuroNames ID: 246
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Other Details

Strain or Cell Line
Jackson Labs
Stock Number
JAX: 000664
Age at Injection
4-5 weeks
Time After Injection
1 week
Detection Method
Direct fluorescence
Assay & Results
Aiming to target pyramidal cells in the basolateral amygdala. We also targeted medium spiny neurons in the anterior nucleus accumbens, at the interface between the core and shell. The aim was to record from pyramidal cells in deep layer prelimbic prefrontal cortex, which we found with extensive tdTomato expression after this procedure. Neurons within the injection site as well as pyramidal cells throughout the prefrontal cortex.
Functional Testing
Not applicable
Other Information
Worked wonderfully.
Tips & Comments
No. Very straightforward.