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pAAV-hsyn-Jaws-KGC-GFP-ER2 in Rhesus macaque (AAV Retrograde)

Addgene #65014-AAVrg

Data Submitted By
Adriana Galvan
Submission Date
July 01, 2019
Publication Date
July 01, 2019 (modified May 16, 2023)
Not Provided
Caption: Expression of Jaws on cortical neurons after injection of AAVretro-hSyn-Jaws-KGC-GFP-ER2 injection in the putamen of a rhesus macaque. The image on the right shows a higher magnification of an adjacent area. Jaws expression was revealed with antibodies against GFP and immunoperoxidase. SMA, supplementary motor area (Galvan et al., unpublished data)

Any further use of this image requires permission from the lab who submitted the data. This scientist responded to a specific request for user data and was offered compensation for time and input.

Vector Used

Virus & Injection


Virus Name
AAV Retrograde
Catalog Number
Cargo Type
Injection Titer / Dose
9.00E+12 GC/ml
Injection Volume
1 μl
Injection Rate
200 nl/min
Injector Material
Not Provided
Injection Site / Route
Putamen, NeuroNames ID: 230
Additional Details
Injected in putamen to target neurons projecting to this region.
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Other Details

Non-Human Primate
Strain or Cell Line
Rhesus macaque
Not provided
Age at Injection
5 years
Time After Injection
4 weeks
Detection Method
Assay & Results
Strong expression of neuronal cell bodies in most areas known to project to putamen (various areas of cortex, amygdala, subthalamic nucleus, Gpe); with two major exceptions: intralaminar nuclei of the thalamus.
Functional Testing
The genetic tool (Jaws opsin) was not tested. Expression was only evaluated based on histology