pAAV.Syn.Flex.GCaMP6f.WPRE.SV40 in Mouse (AAV1)
Addgene #100833-AAV1

green: gCamp6f.  blue: DAPI.  10x objective.

Caption: green: gCamp6f. blue: DAPI. 10x objective.

Virus & Injection

Primary Virus
Injected Titer
4.00E+12 GC/ml
Injected Volume
500 nl
Injection Rate
100 nl/min
Injection Site
Brain parenchyma
Brain Region
Forebrain: Basal Ganglia: Striatum (Putamen or caudate)
Injection Site Comments
Nucleus accumbens, Drd1 neurons are targeted
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Species / Strain
Mouse C57/BL6J with Drd1-Cre
Stock Number
Cited in
Age at Injection
10 weeks

Data Collection

Time After Injection
1 week
Detection Method
Direct fluorescence
Expression Site
Only in the targeted region. Very good expression
Genetic Tool Outcome