pAAV_hSyn1-SIO-stGtACR2-FusionRed in Mouse (AAV1)
Addgene #105677-AAV1

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Virus & Injection

Primary Virus
Injected Titer
1.00E+13 GC/ml
Injected Volume
202.4 nl per hemisphere
Injection Rate
0. 92 nl/sec
Injection Site
Brain parenchyma
Brain Region
Forebrain: Cerebral cortex (neocortex)
Injection Site Comments
Primary visual cortex
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Species / Strain
Mouse B6.129P2-Pvalbtm1(cre)Arbr/J obtained from Jackson Labs
Stock Number
Age at Injection
2 - 3 months

Data Collection

Time After Injection
6 - 8 weeks following injection animals were bilaterally implanted with recording electrodes and experiments were continued over the course of 10 additional weeks.
Detection Method
in vivo electrophysiology couple with optogenetic stimulation
Genetic Tool Outcome
Blue light is used to activate the channel
Tips & Comments
The providers of this virus (Ofer Yizhar) were incredibly helpful and prompt in their replies to our questions