pAAV.Syn.Flex.GCaMP6f.WPRE.SV40 in Mouse (AAV1)
Addgene #100833-AAV1

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Virus & Injection

Primary Virus
Injected Titer
5.00E+12 GC/ml
Injected Volume
300 nl
Injection Rate
0. 03 μl/min
Injection Site
Brain parenchyma
Brain Region
Insular cortex
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Species / Strain
Mouse Fezf2-creER
Age at Injection
8 weeks

Data Collection

Time After Injection
6 weeks
Detection Method
Immunohistochemistry, in vivo calcium imaging
Expression Site
Insular cortex and Fezf2 neurons in layer 5/6
Genetic Tool Outcome
Tamoxifen was prepared by dissolving in corn oil (20 mg/ml) at room temperature with constant rotation overnight. After virus injection, mice were administered with tamoxifen injection under anaesthesia. The same dose (0. 1mg per gram body weight) was administrated by intraperitoneal injection in total three times (day 2, day 5 and day 8 after virus injection)
Other Information
After long-term expression, there is some toxicity
Tips & Comments
Have a test of different dilutions of this virus for a specific brain region