pAAV-hSyn-DIO-hM3D(Gq)-mCherry in Mouse (AAV8)
Addgene #44361-AAV8

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Virus & Injection

Primary Virus
Injected Titer
4.80E+12 GC/ml
Injected Volume
250 nl 1 injection
Injection Rate
125 nl/min
Injection Site
Brain parenchyma
Brain Region
Forebrain: Epithalamus
Injection Site Comments
All cells within the lateral habenula
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Species / Strain
Mouse Vgat-cre
Age at Injection
8 weeks

Data Collection

Time After Injection
4 weeks
Detection Method
Direct fluorescence
Expression Site
Lateral habenula, neurons
Genetic Tool Outcome
CNO injected in mice 15 min prior test (3mg/kg). Behavioral response showed reproducibility with previous experiments (electrophysiological recordings in progress)
Tips & Comments
For local infusion I would use either an AAV5 or 8